Waterbury factory tour

Once seated, you’re carried through the doors of a barn while a robot puppet bull in overalls leans from the hayloft to tell you of the importance of milk in Hershey’s chocolate. Babies may not be carried. ” “How do you make babies? “How do you make pasghetti? ” “How do you make sugar, sugar, SUGARRRR? Those skills come in handy when it’s time to make repairs. Come see how time-honored skills and century-old tradition combine with the most modern smokehouse facilities to produce ham, cheddar cheese, and pure Vermont maple syrup.

And wait until you see how talented our press operators are as they combine art and technology to print the perfect sticker! Factory tours combine a fun, unique adventure with a learning experience that few receive. ” (You’re on your own on that last one.) Factory tours of local businesses are a fun, educational & tasty way to pull back the Wizard’s curtain, so to speak. You go outside to the pretzel area which unlike last time we came was in full production mode with huge dough balls on conveyor belts, extrusion machines punching out fresh twists and new pretzels falling out of the ovens.


Another shot of the new cabinet machines. How cool is the above shot — paper prototype vs. We watched as workers tested each pair of scissors, cutting an edge of a hanging piece of paper to ensure its precision. Leatherman employs over 400 workers. Today the plant employs 2,753 hourly and salaried employees. If something can be done faster, employees can provide feedback and processes will be improved. Kids will get a kick out of the 2,500-pound chocolate Statue of Liberty and 500-pound Santa sculptures that greet visitors.


Kids - your parents have probably told you not to spoil your dinner by eating candy, but if you’re part of an educational tour, surely you can try it then! I have control over the product, and we can get styles out the right way,” said Longley. Near factory tour in United Kingdom of the tour they bring out warm potato chips from the fryer, to sample. A warm potato chip is a mightily beautiful thing, folks. We toured the pretzel operation, the tortilla chip operation and finally the potato chip operation. My family really enjoyed this made in USA potato chip tour where we could see the potato chips cooking, cooling, and being bagged.

179. Although, I was prepared to spend more for a handmade product with a USA label, I was not prepared to spend that much for a glove that might still get left in the rain. While the factory standard pieces represented no savings over the large Huglu “outlet” shop near Incirlik Air Base, the super-grade guns are more affordable buying direct. They do, however, use an brilliant air jack system with small tow attachments that allows two people to move an 85 foot long rail car anywhere they need it.

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